A UK exhibition is planned for 9 July to 24 Sept 2019

At The Victoria Art Gallery - Bath

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Riad Courtyard Fez 41x51 oil on belgian linen

Riad Courtyard Fez 41x51cm oil on belgian linen

Wendy Sharpe folding sketchbook from exhibition 'Elsewhere'

A Folding sketchbook by Wendy Sharpe from the exhibition 'Elsewhere'

ELSEWHERE: Travels through Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Central Asia




'Elsewhere' will also visit Port Macquarie in 2019 and Tamworth in 2020. Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Edward Said's book 'Orientalism', Wendy Sharpe and Bernard Ollis critically reflect on travel and drawing as creative practices to help us witness and understand each other. Curated by Dr Sam Bowker with the support of Create NSW and Charles Sturt University.


Snow in Paris (Vaugirard)1 47x57cm oil on Belgian linen
Girl and Goldfish after Matisse 2017 26x30cm oil on Belgian linen
Sydney Gardens Series - Kennet and Avon Canal 46x36cm Oil on Belgian Linen

Sydney Gardens Series - Kennet and Avon Canal 46x36cm Oil on Belgian Linen

Exhibition at The Victoria Art Gallery

9th JULY TO 24TH Sept 2019

Bernard returns to his birthplace and to the gallery where, as a boy he was able to regularly view paintings by acclaimed and influential artists. In his work for this exhibition he has cast a fresh eye over some of his favourite parts of this beautiful city


Night View - St Michael 50x76cm Oil on Belgian linen

Since moving to Sydney from Bendigo, Ollis has regularly collaborated with Master Print Maker Ann Smith at her printmaking studio in the Blue Mountains. A selection of the resulting etchings can be viewed on this website. View etchings